1. Author/Illustrator – Leo Lionni

2. Title and date of publication – A Color of His Own 1975

3. Genre – Fable

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – None

6. Summary of book – Every animal has their own color except the chameleon. He changes into the color of whatever he is around. He desires to have a color of his own so he decides to stay on a green leaf forever. However, the leaf changes in autumn causing the chameleon to change colors too. Finally, he meets another chameleon and they decide to be friends and stay together forever so they will always be the same color together.

7. Strategies to use with the book –
We would begin by talking about a chameleon. We would discuss things that we know about a chameleon. Then after discussing, I would read the students the story. I would be sure to ask the students various questions about the story.

Once we have read the story, the children will pull an item from the mystery box. Then, we will go to the tables and draw what we would look like if we were a chameleon and landed on our object. The students will tell a sentence about their chameleon to the teacher to be written on their paper. When all students have finished, the pages will be bound together for a class book that can be placed in the library for students to read.