Lesson 1 –Mouse Technology
Grade: Pre-K

Subjects: Language Arts, Science, and incorporation of Technology

Bright from the Start Standards:
LD 1 a Listens to and follows spoken directions
LD 3 b Uses new vocabulary words correctly within the context of play or other classroom experiences
SD 1 d Uses simple equipment to experiment, observe, and increase understanding.

Using a PowerPoint presentation, the learner will be able to
· click a mouse
say the definition of mouse


· Mouse
· Checklist

Students need to be exposed to the use of the mouse with the growing times in technology. It is necessary for students to have hands on experience to manipulate the mouse. The teacher will show the students a mouse and ask various questions to help the students figure out what she is holding.

The teacher will begin by showing the PowerPoint presentation and making sure that each child has a chance to click the mouse and add information to a slide. The teacher will tell the students to click the left button on the arrow to see new things. Each slide enters one peice of information at a time so all students will have a chance to click. The teacher will show that if the students click the right button options will be displayed for manipulation. The teacher will read through the PowerPoint presentation so the students can learn about the mouse. Various questions will be asked throughout the PowerPoint to check for understanding.

At the end of the activity, the teacher will ask questions to clarify understanding of a mouse. The teacher will ask the students why a mouse is important for people to use. Tomorrow, the students will be able to apply the use of a mouse by playing an online game.

The students will be evaluated on the ability to answer questions about a mouse as well as the ability to click the mouse button to advance the slides or interact on slides. The teacher will use the following matrix found below.

Student’s Name
Clicked the left mouse button
Answered a question about the mouse

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