Lesson 2 – Dinosaur Mathematics

Grade: Pre-K

Subjects: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science

Bright from the Start Standards:
MD 1 j Begins to recognize numbers
LD 1 b Responds to questions
SD 2 d Understands that plants and animals have varying life cycles

Objectives: While using the computer and mouse, the learner will

· match number and quantity
· recognize numbers
· manipulate the mouse appropriately by clicking and dragging
· identify where dinosaurs come from

· Computer
· Mouse
· http://www.preschoollearningonline.com/Games/Dinosaur_count.html
· I Wish I Were a Great Big Dinosaur Poem
(Tune: Oh, I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner)By Daylene Brackbill
Oh I wish I were a great big dinosaur,
That is what I really want to be.
For if I were a great big dinosaur,
Everyone would run away from me!

· and stickers


Students should be exposed to numbers and be able to recognize them as a part of the Pre-K curriculum. It is necessary for students to recognize numbers and the quantity that they represent. This lesson will be used to help students recognize numbers, match numbers and quantities, and show control of a mouse. They will be able to use a mouse to recognize and match dinosaur numbers and eggs.

The students will begin by saying I Wish I Was a Great Big Dinosaur Poem to gather everyone’s attention on the teacher. The teacher will show a mouse to the students and review the appropriate ways to use a mouse. The students will be shown a number and together they will complete the Dinosaur counting sheet. The students will be told that dinosaurs hatch from eggs so they will use egg stickers for the activity. The students will place the appropriate number of egg stickers in the boxes next to the corresponding number. The teacher will clap to represent the quantity for each number. The students will individually complete the Dinosaur Count game online.

Through this lesson, students will be able to recognize numbers and match the correct quantities through the use of computer and a mouse. The lesson will close with a review of the activities today. The teacher will ask the students questions and review the answers to end the lesson. Tomorrow, the students will draw pictures of dinosaurs.

The students will be evaluated on the correct use of the mouse and their ability to correctly match the number and quantity. The teacher’s observations will be recorded on a matrix like the one below.

Student’s Name:
Used the mouse appropriately
Recognized Numbers Listed Below:
Matched correct quantities of numbers listed:
Identified where dinosaurs come from

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