Lesson 3 – Dinosaur Drawings

Grade: Pre-K

Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Social and Emotional

Bright From The Start Standards:
LD 1 b Responds to questions

LD 1 d Listens to stories read aloud and shows understanding through body language or by interacting appropriately
SS 3 b Creates simple representations of home, school, or community
SE 4 d Participates successfully as a member of a group

Given the story video, students will draw their own dinosaur in their bedroom including parts of a dinosaur and components of a bedroom.

· Computer
· Projector Screen
· Projector
· http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4aHT9-3Sqo
· Digital Camera


Listening to stories is an important part of Pre-K. It lays the foundation for all reading concepts. In order to ensure students comprehension, the students will draw a picture. This lesson will help the students understand the use of technology through a digital camera. After drawing their picture, the students will take a picture of their drawing with the camera.

The students will begin the lesson by watching the video on YouTube of How a Dinosaur Says Goodnight. The students will watch the video and listen to the story. After listening to the story, the students will answer questions for comprehension. They will think about how their bedroom looks at home as well as the parts and features of a dinosaur. They will draw a picture of a dinosaur saying goodnight in their bedroom. Once the students have drawn their picture, they will use the digital camera to take a picture of their drawing. The pictures will be displayed on the overhead projector for each child to show their picture to the class.

At the end of the lesson, the students will describe their bedroom and dinosaur to everyone in the classroom. Once all of the pictures have been shown to the class, the students will review the activities for today and talk about the different parts of the dinosaur.

The students will be evaluated on their drawing of their bedroom and their dinosaur. The students’ pictures will be placed in their portfolio for review.

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