1. Author/Illustrator – Mo Willems

2. Title and date of publication – Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

3. Genre – Modern Fantasy

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – Caldecott

6. Summary of book – The Pigeon dreams of driving the bus. The bus driver has to leave for a short while and tells the reader to make sure the pigeon does not drive the bus. The pigeon begs, whines, and pleads with the reader to let him drive the bus. He bribes the reader with excuses and reasons why he should get to drive the bus. The Pigeon has had enough and screams “Let Me Drive the Bus!!!” The Pigeon is very upset as the bus driver returns and it seems all hope is lost until he spies a semi which sparks his creativity to dream of driving the semi.

7. Strategies to use with the book –
We would begin by “driving” our bus to the circle for story time. Once everyone is seated on the floor, we will begin by predicting what we think will happen in the story based on the cover. Each child will be given a chance to guess. Then, I will read the story to the students. Questions will be asked to check for comprehension.

After reading the story, the mystery box will be revealed. Inside of the box will be props for role-playing the story. The students will be shown each prop. The props will be placed in the book center along with the book for future child selected retelling.

The students will be given bus foam cut outs to decorate in any way they would like to decorate them. The students will be given various art materials like string, noodles, stickers, markers.