1. Author/ Illustrator- Sam McBratney/Anita Jeram

2. Title and Date of Publication- Guess How Much I Love You - 1994

3. Genre- Contemporary Realistic Fiction

4. Format- Picture Book

5. Award- None

6. Summary of book - This is a story of love between a parent and child. Little Nutbrown Hare tells Big Nutbrown Hare how much he loves him. However, Big Nutbrown Hare responds that he loves Little Nutbrown Hare even more. The story unfolds as the two Nutbrown Hares share how much they love each other even all the way up to the moon and back.

7. Strategies to use with the book
The students will be shown the mystery box and the book. Each student will be asked to predict what is inside the box. After students have predicted, the teacher will read the story. Questions will be asked to check for comprehension.

The students will go to the tables and decorate a card for their parents for Valentine’s day. The card will say “Guess How Much I Love You?” on the outside. When the card is opened it will say this much and a picture of the child will be placed inside. One teacher will take a picture of each child while decorating their cards. The students will stand in front of pink bulletin board paper and stretch their arms out to the left and right as wide as they possibly can.

The children will work in centers when they have finished their card. Each center will reflect a love and Valentine’s theme. It will also incorporate puzzles and a felt board story from the book.