1. Author/Illustrator – Author: B.G. Hennessy Illustrator: Tracey Campbell Pearson

2. Title and date of publicationSchool Days Published: 1990

3. Genre – Contemporary Realistic Fiction

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – 1989 Parenting Magazine Reading-Magic Award

6. Summary of book – This is a book that uses rhyming words to walk the reader through a day at school.

7. Strategies to use with the book
I would bring my children to circle time and begin by reading the book. We would make connections form the book to our own classroom. We would see how the routines in the book are similar to our day.

After I read the story, we will match some pre-selected picture vocabulary words on the felt board (If I had a smartboard like the rest of my school, we would use that, but I do not.) In order to do our vocabulary, we sing the “Surprise Bag” song and each child pulls out a vocabulary word. They then run it through the smart talk device, it reads the word to them and then they match it to the same picture on the felt board.

After completing the vocabulary, we would manipulate our visual schedule to make the connection between the way our classroom runs and the way the classroom in the story runs. We would then move to centers where the activities would relate the story we read.