1. Author/Illustrator – Heidi Romer / Hideko Takashi

2. Title and date of publication – Come to My Party and Other Shape Poems - 2004

3. Genre – Poetry-Concrete

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – None

6. Summary of book – A collection of concrete poems about the four seasons through the eyes of a child’s world. Each poem contains words that are written in the shape of the context. The book is broken down into Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

7. Strategies to use with the book
Students will be shown several basic shapes like circle, square, diamond, triangle, and rectangle. The students will be asked to identify each shape. After identifying each shape, the students will be told that the poems in this book are written in various shapes. The teacher will begin reading the poems one at a time. After the teacher reads a few of the poems and shows the students how the poems are written in the shape of what they are talking about, the students will be given a chance to guess what the poem will be about based on the shape.

While reading the poems, the teacher will have the students focus on the rhyming words. The students will be given a scarf to wave in the wind when they hear rhyming words. The students will place their scarf on the ground when rhyming words are not heard.