1. Author/Illustrator – Audrey Wood / Don Wood

2. Title and date of publication – The Napping House / 1984

3. Genre – Modern Fantasy

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – ALA Notable Children’s Books

6. Summary of book – One rainy afternoon a slumbering mouse, a snoozing cat, a dozing dog, and a dreaming child are all on top of a snoring granny. Everyone is asleep until the wakeful flea bites the mouse which awakes all of the characters in different ways until granny breaks the bed and now no one is sleeping.

7. Strategies to use with the book –
We would gather the children on the rug by singing a circle time song. We would begin by reading the story. As we read the story, we will place emphasis on the house at the beginning and ending of the story as well as the repetitive rhyme and sequence.

After reading the story, the children will be given a half piece of paper to draw the house at the beginning of the story. Then, they will be given another half to draw the house at the end of the story. The two halves will be placed onto a large piece of construction paper and mounted in the hallway for display.

After reading the story several times, the students will also be given blocks that have the characters taped onto them. The students will each be given a chance to put the characters in order as they are introduced in the story.