1. Author/Illustrator – Holly Keller

2. Title and date of publicationThe New Boy Published: 1991

3. Genre – Contemporary Realistic Fiction

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – No awards listed

6. Summary of book – This book is about a new boy in school who is terribly mischievous, but something happens and he changes from being bad to good.

7. Strategies to use with the book
I would begin by reading the story to the class. We would talk about how when you are the new person in a situation, you are sometimes uncomfortable. We would talk about how we could make a new friend feel welcome in our classroom.

After I read the story, we will match some pre-selected picture vocabulary words on the felt board (If I had a smartboard like the rest of my school, we would use that, but I do not.) In order to do our vocabulary, we sing the “Surprise Bag” song and each child pulls out a vocabulary word. They then run it through the smart talk device, it reads the word to them and then they match it to the same picture on the felt board.

After we finished our vocabulary, we would role play how to make a friend feel welcome in our class. This is actually an important skill for my kids because we always gain about 4 or 5 kids throughout the year. Therefore, most of them get to know how it feels to be the new kid and how to treat them.