1. Author/Illustrator – Author: Hans Christian Anderson, Adapted and Illustrated by: Jerry Pinkney

2. Title and date of publicationThe Ugly Duckling Published: 1999 by Morrow Junior Books

3. Genre – Modern Fantasy

4. Format – Picture Book

5. Award – No awards listed

6. Summary of book – This book is about a little duckling that is constantly made fun of because he was not as pretty as the other ducks. When he grew up, he became a beautiful swan.

7. Strategies to use with the book
We will quack like ducks to get to circle/story. When we get settled in story, we will read the story of The Ugly Duckling. We will talk about how words can hurt our feelings. We will also talk about thinking before we say things because we never know how something will turn out until the end.

After reading the book, we will match some pre-selected picture vocabulary words on the felt board (If I had a smartboard like the rest of my school, we would use that, but I do not.) In order to do our vocabulary, we sing the “Surprise Bag” song and each child pulls out a vocabulary word. They then run it through the smart talk device, it reads the word to them and then they match it to the same picture on the felt board.

Once we have finished our vocabulary, we will sing the song Special Me by Dr. Jean Feldman. Once we have finished singing the Special Me song, we will move the snack table where we will ice swan cookies and eat them.